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The Operation Notes of Sand Making Plant

The investment of sand making plant is high, therefore, in the aspect of maintenance and operation, we should operate according to the instructions. On the first step, we shall obey the order.
We always finish one sand making plant according to the following factors: material quality, feeding size and capacity. After installation, when start and stop one plant, we should follow the following principles: Start up from the back and stop the front. When the sand making plant runs, every crusher should be empty. If start in a opposite direction, the crushing chamber will pile up, which will do harm to motor. On the other hand, when it stops running, we should start from the vibrating feeder. Only do this, can the sand making plant be empty.
Sand making plant and stone crushing plant are two main crushing plants, according to the final products' size, we will choose different equipment. However, the crushing plant is connected by the belt conveyors. Many operators can do above two points according to the experience and training.
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