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Detailed Explanation of Crushing and Screening Equipments in Shunky’s Sand Production Line

In sand production lines, you will often hear the words crushing and screening. In the whole process of producing aggregate, the stone material is firstly crushed into aggregate which then is screened. Crushing and screening together form the crushing stage and all crushing stages make up the process of crushing and screening.
The process of crushing and screening used in the processing of sand and aggregate is usually composed of the second crushing stage and pre-screening and check-screening operations which cooperate with every stage of crushing. Under normal circumstances, the sand production line, in course of working, must try best to minimize the size of the crushed product so as to reduce energy consumption, try to achieve “much crushed and less grinding” and distribute the workload of impact crushers in every stage.


The sand production line is divided into two stage of crushing, and the crusher and the vibrating screen form a closed circuit. To meet the requirements of quality and size of the product, the crusher and the vibrating screen must form the closed circuit. Common small quarries, which produce 500 tons aggregates every day, determine the form of equipments and configuration according to the requirement on quality of produced sand and aggregate.
Natural sand and aggregate cannot meet the demand for social and economic development and more and more artificial sand are being utilized, which creates unpredictable market advantage for sand production lines and a better development of prospect.

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