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Features of Shunky New Mobile Crushing Station

   In 2013, the development of domestic construction industry promotes the development of mobile crushing station, and vice versa. Mobile crushing station applied to many production circumstances has been produced. Now Shanghai Shunky Technology Department will tell you about the technical performance features of the mobile crushing station:
   The mobile crushing station designed and developed by Shunky in 2013, uses a self-driven way, so that each component is fixed to a whole rack. It adds tires or tracks underneath to form a mobile crushing plant, which can crush materials with mobility. It is widely used in railway, highway, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy and other industries, especially for highways, railways, construction materials, waste disposal and other liquidity operations, and it is a new-raised environmental crusher with stable production, higher efficiency.
   The new mobile crushing station is not only flexible, convenient, highly mobile, money-saving, but also can do on-site re-crushing for materials without having to transport materials away from the scene. And it can move along with the advance of raw material extraction surface and thus greatly reduces the cost of transporting materials. Secondly, it includes crushing, walking, assistive devices and accessories adjustment device etc., which all use machine-electric-hydraulic modular automation. The complete integrated control system allows the various components’ manipulation and job status monitored by the electrical display and reflected on the visible dashboard on the ground, which is easy to operate. Shunky new mobile crushing station is a primary crushing unit made up of crusher (jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine), vibrating feeder, and a highly efficient bunk feeder. Bunk feeder may increase the total yield, and its processing range is 50-500 tons / hour.
    If you are interested in Shunky new mobile crushing station, welcome to the company or the production site of mobile crushing station to have a visit.
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