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The Important and Proper Way to Manage the Construction Wastes - Classification

When the construction waste mobile crushing plant crushes the wastes, not all the wastes are mixed together for crushing. Instead, the wastes should be crushed before classifying. There are many characteristics on construction waste processing in Netherlands. Statistics show that at present 70% of construction waste can be recycled in Netherlands. However, the government orders that this ratio should rise to 90% and all wastes should be recycled as much as possible unless some can’t be recycled.
In order to guarantee the construction waste recycling, the Dutch government even specifies the relevant laws. The law includes the use of construction waste mobile crushing plant to process the construction waste, the limitation of random dumping of construction wastes and the strict requirements of the quality of the construction wastes recycling materials. The aim is to avoid random dumping of construction wastes and to forbid the enterprises’ random processing of the construction wastes without conforming to the requirements of the sales standard.
At present, in the construction waste recycling market, Netherlands’ main products are sand screens. However, these products have weakness of polluting the environment. Therefore, there are certain limitations in the reuse of the products. In order to make the quality of sands and gravels satisfy the standard completely, the Dutch government requires sorting company to screen the sands and gravels. The polluted sands should be cleaned up and only the very clean sands can be used. Besides, the sand making process also needs the construction waste mobile crushing plants.
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