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The Construction Waste Treatment Needs What Kinds of Equipment and Its Function Introduction

The construction waste crushing plant is one of important garbage disposal machineries, but not the only one. The construction wastes not only refer to concretes and lime, some timbers are also construction wastes. Different construction waste sites may have different types of rubbish and different amounts of garbage. Whatever the site is, the purpose of the staff is to make the construction wastes into higher value products.
Officials say that when using the construction waste crushing plant to process the construction wastes, there are some cement mortars in the aggregates. These aggregates need to be processed for a second time to make the aggregates more valuable. Professionals say that at this time the aggregate has the problems of too high water absorption performance and higher aggregate porosity than the normal aggregates. Therefore, they must be handled further.
The shrinkage value of concretes will increase if not process well the aggregates from the construction waste crushing plant. This will cause big problem for the construction industry for the shrinkage of the concretes will affect the security of the buildings. The waste timbers should also be handled in the construction wastes. Some timbers can be reprocessed into bits of wood provided to the papermaking industry as the raw materials.
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