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Shunky Strives to Produce Professional and High-efficient Sand Production Line


For sand making production line on the current market, the ultimate purpose is to produce sand and gravel aggregate with high quality but low cost. China's geographical difference is very big, whether the mining of sand and gravel material or production line arrangement will be influenced by many factors, the raw materials play a decisive role for the whole sand production line. ?

China’s North-south span is very large and climate is very different so that sand and gravel formation are very different. Raw materials in the southern coastal areas is mainly cobble sand, sea sand and river sand, while in the northern and inland areas, there are mainly natural minerals, in the Tibet plateau region, because of low temperature and bad environment, raw materials are mainly pebbles and natural rock. Different sand materials naturally need different sand and gravel production line equipment. ?

Shanghai Shunky Machinery relies on its years of experience in r&d of crushing equipment and sand production process of continuous exploration, it has numerous successful cases all over China. Such as Guangzhou mobile crushing production line, Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province stone production line, Hunan Province and Hubei Province pebble production line, Qinghai Province cobble production line, etc. Because of different raw material, different working environment and different policies, sand production line equipment and technological process are put forward different requirements, and different building sand standard can also lead to different production line. ?

For sand production, how to plan out a production line which can both satisfy production demand and realize productivity effect has high demanding, which not only knowing very well of sand production line and having years of experience.

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