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Different Configuration of Sand Production Line

Artificial sand making is popular now so that we all want to make money on it. we firstly need to purchase sand making plant. The purchase cost of whole equipment is high, so investors without so much money can only give up.

Some people, who do not know sand making plant, may think that the size of it is so big. On the contrary, there exists small-scale sand making plant without spending too much money. We can buy the short process of sand making plant, buying one or two devices and other auxiliary cheap equipment. There are two kinds of short process sand making plant of the best configuration: one is to use core equipment, efficient impact sand making machine. the device of the inlet diameter is much larger than the other equipment with high production efficiency and good quality; another configuration is two sets of core equipment- jaw crusher and efficient sand making machine. The advantage of cooperation is that prices are relatively cheap, and particle size for feeding is also big. These two are the best configuration of sand making plant.

Shanghai Shunky is manufacturer specialized in sand making equipment, producing professional sand making equipment. We provide you with the best sand making machine. It is the best choice for you to purchase sand making equipment from Shunky.

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