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Introductions to Regular Checking of Sand Production Line

Working environment of sand production line is relatively bad, so equipment like crusher, sand maker, vibrating screen and belt conveyor would be worn badly. In order to ensure that the whole st of sand making plant has high efficiency and long service life, the maintenance of it should be paid much more attention. Regular and irregular inspection should be done so that problems will be found and solved timely. For daily maintenance of sand production line Shanghai Shunky Machinrey CO., LTD. will give you some introduction.

Firstly, checking all the parts of all kinds of equipment which included in sand production line. And the inner part should be checked regularly: the wear condition of bearings, quick-wear parts and oil way. And the and oiled parts should be cleaned, serious wear and tear parts should be replaced. Secondly, material and dust should be cleaned in time. Residual material should be cleaned out timely when the sand making plant stops. Protect some parts from dust, if not, dust will accelerate wear. And the

problems which affect heat dissipation should be clipped. Thirdly, daily maintenance and protective measures. It is inevitably that outdoor equipment will get wet in the rain, so it is necessary to paint some protection materials on these equipment.

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