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How Sand Making System Solve Problems?

We know that sand making plant can not be separated with water resources; particularly we need a large amount of clean water in the washing process to wash the dust, impurities. No washing process, gravel quality will be greatly declined and affecting the safety and service life of the building. In addition, many projects are inseparable from high-quality sand. Sand making industry is not only to speed up the progress of sand production, but also to overcome the problem of water shortage in sand washing.

Shanghai Shunky tries to overcome difficulties in sand making under dry conditions. we adopted new production processes and new sand making equipment, develop dry sand making process, to overcome the dependence on water resources in the greatest extent. Meanwhile, the unique water recycling technology has greatly saved water resources, making a lot of sand industry can work well under conditions of water shortage. The quality and outputs of sand are able to achieve required standards in architectural production.

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