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The Most Economical Installation of Small Cobble Sand Making Plant

Cobble is the most excellent raw material of sand making and one of the most popular mechanism sand in construction project. So many companies and individuals eager to invest in cobble sand. For personal investment of small stone production line, cobble sand production line is the most simple and practical configuration scheme, that is combination of impact crusher and sand washing machine. ?

Impact crusher can be used as sand making machine and it can produce 5mm sized of qualified mechanism sand, which can meet the requirements of general construction project. But without jaw crusher, this kind of production line will be seriously affected.

If you need a variety of specifications, vibrating screen can help you. This scheme is feasible with fewer investment. Big impact crusher can also help you reach that sound effects.

These above production line configurations are only suitable for small investment, and medium and large pebble sand production line needs different configuration scheme, and feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor and other mechanical equipment and be appropriately equipped.

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