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Shunky Helps You Choose Crushing Equipment to Equip Sand Making Plant

Crusher has a variety of models. In my company, there are SKL euro jaw crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, CS series cone crusher, GPY high-energy hydraulic cone crusher, PYG multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, etc. Various types of crushing equipment have its own characteristics and advantages. When buying and configuring sand production line, we need to equip the production line with suitable crushing equipment according to the circumstance.

When equipping sand and gravel production line, besides considering crushing equipment, we also need to consider the crushing material that is the stone. We need to choose crushing equipment according to the hardness of stone. If the crushing materials are medium hardness and brittle stone (like limestone, gypsum, etc.), the secondary crushing can choose the crushers like impact crusher and high-efficient fine crusher, etc. And if the crushing material is hard and the stone is high in silica content (like granite, cobble, etc.), it is better to choose pressure-bearing crusher like cone crusher.

In summary, it is to choose the corresponding crushing equipment according to different materials. Only in this way can we make the whole sand making plant exert its maximum production efficiency.

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