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HPF Series Impact Crusher

Product description:

HPF series hydraulic impact crusher is designed with international technology and world-class manufacturing process based on PF impact crusher. The HPF hydraulic impact crusher applies to crush hard material and ore. The maintenance and replacement of vulnerable part is easier because of the hydraulic adjustment for opening size. Three –curtain cavity design makes it perform well in the fine crushing and superfine fine crushing operation.

Working principle

When Impact crusher works, under the driving force of motor, the rotor rolls at a high speed with the blow bar on it hitting the material into pieces, and then the material will be thrown toward the impact device and then to the blow bar, so it will be crushed again. This process repeats until materials are crushed to the requested size. The product size and output can be controlled by adjusting the clearance between impact plate and blow bar. This impact crusher is designed with spring safety device,when non-crushing material enter into crushing chamber, the impact rack will recede and then the non-crushing is discharged.


1. Hydraulic device makes it easier to replace blow bar and adjust the discharging size. Wicket on frame makes it convenient for maintenance and inspection.

2. Adoption of the world-class manufacturing processes and the most high-end raw materials.

3. Integral bearing and cast steel structure, which is perfectly cooperated with rack, enhances radial strength of the bearing.

4. The special plate hammer fixtures make it more convenient for maintenance and disassembly.

5. New adjustment device shorten the time of halting and overhaul.

6. International advanced bearing, stronger carrying capacity and longer service life.

7. Strict and high standard testing method ensures reliable.

Model Rotor Size(mm/inch) Feeding Opening(mm/inch) Max. Feeding Size(mm/inch) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Weight(t) Overall Dimensions(mm)
HPF-1210 Φ1250×1050(Φ50"×42") 400×1080(16"×43") 300(12") 70-130 110-132 17 2800×2150×2900
HPF-1214 Φ1250×1400(Φ50"×56") 400×1430(16"×57") 300(12") 90-180 132-160 20.8 2850×2400×2900
HPF-1315 Φ1320×1500(Φ52"×60") 860×1520(34"×60") 350(14") 120-250 180-220 24.8 3100×2800×3160
HPF-1318 Φ1320×1800(Φ52"×72") 880×2000(35"×80") 350(14") 150-260 220-260 26.8 3100×3210×2613
HPF-1320 Φ1320×2000(Φ52"×80") 900×2030(36"×81") 500(20") 160-350 260-300 34 3320×3218×2613
HPF-1520 Φ1512×2000(Φ60"×80") 1315×2040(52"×81") 700(28") 300-500 350-450 44 4138×3422×3649