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HPS Series Cone Crusher

Product description:

HPS series cone crusher integrated crushing speed, stroke and crushing chamber ideally, not only improving the capacity and quality, but also expanding the range of applications, from limestone to iron ore, roadbed stone to manufactured sand and small mobile crushing station. HPS series cone crusher shows the excellent crushing capacity in secondary crushing and fine crushing from rock with high hardness to conventional rock .

HPS series cone crusher is the latest generation hydraulic cone crusher based on Shanghai Shunky several years and several generations product experience on R&D, especially CS series cone crusher whose technology is reliable demonstrated by testing, integrating the advanced technology at home and aboard. HPS series cone crusher is smarter and more humanized in structure, operation and maintenance, etc.

Working principle of HPS Cone Crusher

The whole working process of HPS multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is that motor drives the rotation of transmission shaft by belt pulley and v-belts, then transmission shaft drives the rotation of eccentric sleeve around the main shaft through the spiral bevel gear, breaking the materials continuously.The material is crushed from all directions, crushed and ground according to their own grain, which formed the high compressive strength building aggregates. The materials that meet the requirements discharged from the crushing wall, and the remaining material continues to be crushed until it becomes standard product.


1. Upgraded structure and high efficiency. Transmission parts and the structure of lubrication seal are optimized based on the structure of fixed main shaft and eccentric shaft rotates around main shaft. With the features of stronger loading capacity, this machine has the biggest installed power, smaller size, higher efficiency and lower noise in the same model of this industry.

2.Laminated crushing brings good product shape.

The materials are crushed by unique laminated crushing principle, and the efficiency is higher because of the optimized crushing cavity. Meanwhile high crushing efficiency brings lower consumption of vulnerable part, cubic finished product shape, and high content fine-grained product. In this situation, it improves the quality of finished product and decreases the cost of equipment and whole system.

3. Optimized Lining Plate

The lining plate adopts more advanced way for fixing and no need adhesive for installation and replacement, which saves time and cost. Thicker cone wall design is more reliable and has longer working life.

4. Hydraulic motor for adjusting the discharge opening.

It can realize remote accurate adjustment, speedy dismount and continuously discharging  opening by rotating hydraulic motor bidirectionally, which saves labor cost.

5.Hydraulic Insurance and Automatic Clearing

The cylinder with hydraulic system provides overload and non-broken material protection when it is strained forward, on the contrary, clearing the cavity. It saves the time of maintenance and decreases the operation cost.

6. Multiple Seal Protection Device

The U & T sealing way and sphere floating seal prevent lubrication oil from being polluted by dust effectively, keeping cleanliness, protecting bearing, extending the service life of lubrication oil and main components.

7 .Integrated Hydraulic Lubricating System

Integrated hydraulic lubricating design meets the needs of lubrication and hydraulic systems. It has compact structure, small volume, saving installation space, reducing fuel consumption.

8. Unique Bearing Design

Bronze bushings and sliding bearing ensures high load capacity under excessive dust and high impact condition. The material cost is lower than the rolling bearing, and easily to replace by using conventional tools at the working site.

Why choosing HPS cone crusher?

1.Higher handling capacity.

The perfect combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber shape, increased by 35% -60% than traditional spring cone crusher in production.

2.Easy to Maintain

When replacing scale board or adjusting crushing cavity, we can use hydraulic motor to rotate fixed cone from the adjusting ring thread. It is more convenient for dismounting and equipping movable cone and fixed cone of crusher.

3.Intelligent Control and Easy operation

Electrical control system adopts international brand Siemens PLC and touch screen centralized intelligent automatic control system. It has the function of automatic reinforcing pressure, multi-mode operation, failure alarm and parameter detection and so on. The design is also more compact and reasonable, and improves the safety factor of equipment  operation, more convenient.

4.Reduce Downtime The bidirectional hydraulic cylinder has good capacity in non-broken material protection. When large and hard material goes into the machine, it is sensitive and can stop under load condition. Then the hydraulic cylinder will clear the cavity quickly and reduce downtime.

5.Stable and Reliable Operation

The temperature sensor installed between gearbox and horizontal axis enables oil return temperature measuring to be more accurate, so the protection is more reliable.

The hydraulic system meets the needs of general pressure by high pressure design. When the equipment running normally, it has higher pressure allowance and improves the reliability of hydraulic system. The spiral bevel gear design enables transmission to be more stable, more reliable and in lower noise.

Model Cavity Tape Standard Type Short Type Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
Feed Size (mm) Min Discharging Size(mm) Feed Size(mm) Min Discharging Size(mm)
HPS200 Extra Coarse

132-200 90-250
Coarse 185 19 76 10
Medium 125 17 54 6
Fine 95 13 23 6
Extra Fine

10 5
HPS300 Extra Coarse 230 25

180-250 115-440
Coarse 210 20 75 10
Medium 150 15 50 8
Fine 105 10 20 6
Extra Fine

20 6
HPS400 Extra Coarse 295 30

280-355 140-630
Coarse 250 25 90 10
Medium 195 20 50 8
Fine 110 14 40 6
Extra Fine

30 6
HPS500 Extra Coarse 330 30

355-450 175-790
Coarse 285 25 90 13
Medium 200 20 55 10
Fine 133 16 40 8
Extra Fine

35 6
HPS800 Extra Coarse 353 32

550-630 260-1200
Coarse 297 32 155 13
Medium 267 25 92 10
Fine 219 16 33 6
Extra Fine

Discharge Opening(mm)
Type t/h 10mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 45mm 51mm
HPS200 t/h 90-120 120-150 140-180 150-190 160-200 170-220 190-235 210-250

HPS300 t/h 115-140 130-185 180-220 200-240 220-260 230-280 250-320 300-380 350-440
HPS400 t/h 140-175 185-230 225-280 255-320 275-345 295-370 325-430 360-490 410-560 465-630
HPS500 t/h 175-220 230-290 280-350 320-400 345-430 365-455 405-535 445-605 510-700 580-790
HPS800 t/h 260-335 325-425 385-500 435-545 470-600 495-730 545-800 600-950 690-1050 785-1200